Whatever Makes You Merry!

It’s been a while since my last post. So for those who still didn’t give up on following my blog, I’m sharing with you the coolest project I’ve done so far (a stop motion Christmas card for FP7, the agency I work in), with some making of pictures for a glimpse of the whole journey.


Check it out below!

Now let’s explore the set in the making:

1. The parquet: paint, cut, paste, repeat.


2. The comfy chair:


3. the carpet:

(I never thought I would try weaving and I certainly never thought it would be so addictive. It’s such a peaceful activity!)


4. The Christmas tree:


5. The lights:

Tiny LED lights were added to the Christmas tree and to the wall lamps.


6. The furniture:

The gramophone was made of balsa wood aluminum wire and paper mache for the horn.

The china closet is the only ready-made detail in the set.


7. The puppet making:

we made three trials for the head, one that turned out really cool but too creepy, another one with detailed ears and a cool nose and finally the third one that we ended up using for the final puppet.



8. The armature:

It’s such a magical moment when you have your finished puppet in your hands and… it can move!

Santa can now nod, wave, give a kick, sit, stand up.. the possibilities are endless!


9. The mess:

When you see the final result, you don’t always imagine it came out of a mess. But almost every time it does.

(I personally need a messy workshop to start making maybe that’s just me.)

the mess

10. The set:

During a two days shoot, we lived in a dark room, thinking frame by frame, moving frame by frame, living frame by frame.

I think the coolest moment was when Samir Syriani (the director) edited the first frames and on that 17” screen what was only a puppet a few seconds ago was coming to life!

the set

CS office

11. Action:











and The credits:

Director: Samir Syriani
DOP: Joe Saadeh
Sound Designer : Cedric Kayem

Set and Puppet making: Mona Abi Warde with the physical and moral help of: Elie Fakhry, Wissam Matar, Nicolas Diab, Andréa Terzian, Nadyn Chalhoub, Jad Chamaa, Ghada Azar, Aldo Bocti,  Ghada Ramadan, Alice Abou Sleiman, Mia Estephan, Fadi Gemayel, Joséphine Habchi, Nathalie Charabati, Rosy Mouallem.


I almost forgot the last part, the wire typography animation! It turned out pretty cool even though we were very very tired at that stage of the shoot.


And then it all ends up in a box.. (sigh)


Easter, Spring and Chemistry!

Sun is shining so strong, it’s Easter time, it’s spring and it’s time to mix all these ingredients to dye eggs just like old times!



I started by gathering some of these Chamomile flowers, I love how bright they are.

It’s a very generous flower who will give you her color if you ask her to.



The chickens were generous too! They gave one dozen of fresh eggs for the special occasion.



For the experience I used the chamomile flower but also: onions peel, paprika, curcuma, and beet.


The colors looked very promising in the making:

In the below cups we have from top to bottom and from left to right:

1) Chamomile (with vinegar)

2) Red onion peel (with vinegar)

3) Curcuma (with vinegar)

4) Beet (with vinegar)

5) Paprika (with vinegar)


Only three of the eggs were white and the rest was brown, so that didn’t really help the experiment:


The result is not as interesting as the cups promised but it’s not that bad either, it looks like they got a cute spring tan. 😉


So here we go, Happy Easter everyone! Happy spring and long live chemistry!



PIPO ou le héros double face

“Qui est PIPO?”

PIPO a toujours aimé l’eau,

Mais il n’a jamais su décider:

être PIrate ou être POmpier?

Conquérir les océans ou arroser les feux brulants?

Que diantre! dit-il tout haut,

Rien n’est impossible pour Pipo!

Je serais deux héros à la fois

parce que dans ma vie c’est moi le roi!


PIPO s’est trouvé un super ami à Paris Noël passé! “À nous deux les aventures!” crient-ils d’une seule voix! 🙂

(merci à Isabelle pour les photos!)




The morning after Christmas

I can finally breathe after a crazy period spent in my workshop working on some gifts Santa ordered for special people this Christmas.

Please welcome (in no particular order):

– the firefighter-pirate, a double-sided hero

pompier pirate


– the dancer tote bag, a gift for a graceful person


– the two-shirts, for a violin player


(all three travelled a long way to Paris and landed just on time for Christmas)


– Boo the pillow and Alex the lion who were so excited to meet their new friends that they switched packs just before getting there… 😉

But at the end everybody was happy! Boo made a very happy one year old and who doesn’t love Alex?!


– and last but not least, a 200×160 cm patchwork fleece blanket, something you’ll hear about but won’t see because I was so busy finishing it on time that I didn’t take a single picture.. 😦

but that’s ok, the little girl who asked for it  loved it, and that’s what matters the most. 🙂

here’s a tiny piece of it, multiply it by 30, and imagine!

heart copy

Oh wait! That’s not all!

– I also worked with a friend on these laser cut, hand-painted Christmas ornaments, check them out at squirandleo.wordpress.com 


So to sum up, it was an awesome season at the workshop, and that’s the last post of 2013! Cheers to that ending year and let’s hope for a cool, warm, bright 2014!

Raindrops on roses.. lalalalala..

This is what came out of my kitchen this weekend:


a (second) tote bag for a teenager, ordered by her friend.


the order was clear: a tote bag for someone who likes blue, pandas, music, guitar, tennis, macarons, instagram®, sailboats and girl scouts.


let’s say I followed the recipe literally and added a little of moOn’s special dressing 🙂


hope she likes it 🙂


have a great week everyone!

ceci n’est pas du cinéma

Have you ever been asked to make a miniature movie theatre?


Well I have!


One of my craziest friends decided to order a miniature movie theatre as a gift to her cousin who is the director of  the movie “Habbet Loulou”.


I love these challenging projects! At first you’re not sure if you’ll make it on time, then you start watching it grow to become…


… THE FIRST MINIATURE MOVIE THEATRE YOU EVER MADE! (not sure I’ll be making one of these everyday though :))


So welcome to the 50 cm2 made by moOn cinema



take a seat (there are only 45, I hope you booked yours ;))


and enjoy the show!


(the real movie is showing in (real) theaters starting septembre 26)



In case of emergency check the closest exit sign (there is only one anyway)




to my non-lebanese friends, “habbet loulou” (which is the name of the movie) means pearl


which explains the pop corn pearl ad at the entrance 😛


Oh! and please keep silence, our favorite actor is sleeping in the coulisses 😉