The morning after Christmas

I can finally breathe after a crazy period spent in my workshop working on some gifts Santa ordered for special people this Christmas.

Please welcome (in no particular order):

– the firefighter-pirate, a double-sided hero

pompier pirate


– the dancer tote bag, a gift for a graceful person


– the two-shirts, for a violin player


(all three travelled a long way to Paris and landed just on time for Christmas)


– Boo the pillow and Alex the lion who were so excited to meet their new friends that they switched packs just before getting there… 😉

But at the end everybody was happy! Boo made a very happy one year old and who doesn’t love Alex?!


– and last but not least, a 200×160 cm patchwork fleece blanket, something you’ll hear about but won’t see because I was so busy finishing it on time that I didn’t take a single picture.. 😦

but that’s ok, the little girl who asked for it  loved it, and that’s what matters the most. 🙂

here’s a tiny piece of it, multiply it by 30, and imagine!

heart copy

Oh wait! That’s not all!

– I also worked with a friend on these laser cut, hand-painted Christmas ornaments, check them out at 


So to sum up, it was an awesome season at the workshop, and that’s the last post of 2013! Cheers to that ending year and let’s hope for a cool, warm, bright 2014!

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