Easter, Spring and Chemistry!

Sun is shining so strong, it’s Easter time, it’s spring and it’s time to mix all these ingredients to dye eggs just like old times!



I started by gathering some of these Chamomile flowers, I love how bright they are.

It’s a very generous flower who will give you her color if you ask her to.



The chickens were generous too! They gave one dozen of fresh eggs for the special occasion.



For the experience I used the chamomile flower but also: onions peel, paprika, curcuma, and beet.


The colors looked very promising in the making:

In the below cups we have from top to bottom and from left to right:

1) Chamomile (with vinegar)

2) Red onion peel (with vinegar)

3) Curcuma (with vinegar)

4) Beet (with vinegar)

5) Paprika (with vinegar)


Only three of the eggs were white and the rest was brown, so that didn’t really help the experiment:


The result is not as interesting as the cups promised but it’s not that bad either, it looks like they got a cute spring tan. 😉


So here we go, Happy Easter everyone! Happy spring and long live chemistry!




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