Whatever Makes You Merry!

It’s been a while since my last post. So for those who still didn’t give up on following my blog, I’m sharing with you the coolest project I’ve done so far (a stop motion Christmas card for FP7, the agency I work in), with some making of pictures for a glimpse of the whole journey. Check it out […]

Easter, Spring and Chemistry!

Sun is shining so strong, it’s Easter time, it’s spring and it’s time to mix all these ingredients to dye eggs just like old times!   I started by gathering some of these Chamomile flowers, I love how bright they are. It’s a very generous flower who will give you her color if you ask her […]

PIPO ou le héros double face

“Qui est PIPO?” PIPO a toujours aimé l’eau, Mais il n’a jamais su décider: être PIrate ou être POmpier? Conquérir les océans ou arroser les feux brulants? Que diantre! dit-il tout haut, Rien n’est impossible pour Pipo! Je serais deux héros à la fois parce que dans ma vie c’est moi le roi! PIPO s’est trouvé un […]

The morning after Christmas

I can finally breathe after a crazy period spent in my workshop working on some gifts Santa ordered for special people this Christmas. Please welcome (in no particular order): – the firefighter-pirate, a double-sided hero – the dancer tote bag, a gift for a graceful person – the two-shirts, for a violin player (all three […]

Raindrops on roses.. lalalalala..

This is what came out of my kitchen this weekend: a (second) tote bag for a teenager, ordered by her friend. the order was clear: a tote bag for someone who likes blue, pandas, music, guitar, tennis, macarons, instagram®, sailboats and girl scouts. let’s say I followed the recipe literally and added a little of […]

ceci n’est pas du cinéma

Have you ever been asked to make a miniature movie theatre? Well I have! One of my craziest friends decided to order a miniature movie theatre as a gift to her cousin who is the director of  the movie “Habbet Loulou”. I love these challenging projects! At first you’re not sure if you’ll make it […]

تيشرت (season1)

“The best love/friend/person/doctor I have in my life” asked me to make him a T-shirt with that message: and that was the previous one: he’s SO friendly! isn’t he?! 😛 P.S: more “friendly” t-shirts coming soon 🙂

Mr.Mustache Maracas Piñata

I made this maracas piñata (fake empty diet piñata but still sweet :P) for a friend’s birthday. I forgot how fun it is to make a piñata! specially one with a mustache! 😉 I think I’ll make more of those from now on. Any suggestion for the next shape? May your day be as surprising […]