“chéris” on the top!

The bride: “can we have this illustration as a cake topper?”



(illustration by genevieve santos)

making of1making of2 making of3making of4 final copy

moOn: “yep!” 😉


and after! (above: from sketch to 3D, below: from 3D to real life 😉 ) mabrouk!

1062529_10152441594728797_1640840534_n© photo courtesy of the photographer at the wedding 😉


“love conversation”

when cool friends get married, it’s time to make some cool stuff for the big celebration!

i.e. the bride and groom’s official sneakers:


white converse®, embroidery  and textile paint







and a final cool pic from the bride’s gallery 😉

Why culture, why!?

Why Culture Mona Abi Warde-01

Here comes my second handmade poster.

That one was for a competition. we had to present a poster answering the question “why culture matters?”. (لماذا الثقافة؟)

My answer was “…لانّو حتّى الولد مخّو بلد”

(for my non lebanese friends, it’s something like “because a child’s head is a country” which comes from an expression here “his head is a country” (مخّو بلد) to say that someone has a great brain, full of informations)

Anyway, the poster didn’t even pass the first selection (if you’re interested have a look on what was selected, and maybe vote for someone) but who cares, I’m proud of what I did and enjoyed making every part of it. 🙂

Still, learning some lessons from that won’t harm:

1- next time listen to the person who tells you “never participate in competitions, it’s never worth it” 😉

2- take more making of pictures, you always regret not taking step by step pics after finishing your work!

3- start looking for serious projects! yalla wlo!

And a conclusion:

chaklo bass el walad mokho balad 😛


food shot… into space

poster blog

Hey people! I would like you to meet my first handmade poster.

Either we say I did this for a competition or I just woke up one day and decided to make a burger and shoot it with a curious man floating next to it, and then I just put random numbers in the bottom of my artwork.

What do you know?! I’m an artist! 😛 Let’s not ask questions, let’s just pretend this is what it is and leave it at that. 😉

hope you like it 🙂


P.S: thanks to Walid Saliba for the pictures 🙂 and Rachad Mhawej for reminding me about physic and gravity laws 😛

I might post some making of pictures soon.

!كلّو مدروز

I wanted to try making this pencil pouch since I saw it on Pinterest but needed to give it

something that was mine,

hmm… maybe a funny joke? (again, when I say funny I mean for me :P)

!كلّو مدروز (kello madrouz)

I hate explaining jokes, they are lame enough without explanation 😉 but for my non-Lebanese

friends who are wondering what I’m talking about, here it goes:

“kello madrouz” means “it’s all sewn” while “kello madrouss” means literally “it’s all studied”

which is an expression to say something like “everything is under control”. Hahaha?

whatever… happy birthday roriiii 🙂

Have you met Paul?

When a little boy turns two, he needs a friend to help him through!

so here comes Paul the polar bear, day and night he will be there,

to play with you and give you advice,

if you hug him once, he’ll hug you twice.

please stop it moOn and go to sleep

cause you ain’t saying nothing deep!

this story was brought to you by moOn.. with the special touch of crocar!

Happy Birthday little Nadi!!!